Here Comes the Rain Again

The cold and blustery days have begun early this year as our almost summer fades into autumn gales. Where did the summer go. It went in study walks to help Mary through her anatomy and physiology class. It passed in cool and warm and some almost hot days though mostly cool damp ones.

10 good things the happened this summer:

  1. As I was cleaning up debris from last winter, half of an ancient pine and the top of a smaller tree crashed into our yard, I found our small pear tree which had been buried half the winter and up until July. The pear tree had green leaves and though it had been smashed flat on the ground, it slowly came back to a stooping lean and is still green and looking like it will be strong enough to survive this winter if it can avoid being buried alive.
  2. Mary passed the second part of Anatomy and Physiology.
  3. Mary and I played tennis many times, and I played volleyball and got plenty of exercise so I am in pretty good shape after a year of a lot inactivity.
  4. I went through the garage and threw out half of the things in there and organized the rest of the stuff we will most likely never use so we could find it.
  5. I read some books, studied some things that I don’t usually get to when I am working all the time and organized some of my writing of the past few years.
  6. I started my present blog and have been writing daily (with the exception of this week) since the middle of August.
  7. I took many walks around my neighborhood. It really is a beautiful place in the summer. There is a park with waterfalls and forest and a duck pond.
  8. I worked on our garden which due to the lack of sun was not very successful. We got a handful of peas and the zucchini did alright. The roses were vibrant and the rock garden still looks nice.
  9. I got to know my yard all the little wild things and just sat by the creek listening to its song on the few sunny days.
  10. This summer was like a breath well and mindfully taken, followed in and out before the activity of work and the world rushed back with its overwhelming urgency.
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