My Autobiography in Music

Cover of "God Bless the Child"

Cover of God Bless the Child

This is an idea from Red. These are songs that have been the soundtrack to my life at different times as well as songs that explain who I am.

1. Wish You Were Here /Pink Floyd: this was on a loop in my head for about 2 years.

2. The Question / Moody Blues

3. Baba O’Riley /The Who or any other song on Who’s Next.

4. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: Yes! the whole thing.

5. My Favorite Things/John Coltrane: So many moods in here I get lost.

6. Locomotive Breath/Jethro Tull

7. Tell Me Why/Neal Young

8. Piece of My Heart/ Big Brother and The Holding Company: Because Janis knew about the blues.

9. Still Crazy After All These Years/ Paul Simon

10. Why/ Annie Lennox

11. Love with Affection/ Joan Armatrading

12. Heart of Glass/ Blondie

13. Less Than Zero/ Elvis Costello

14. Idiot Wind/Bob Dylan: My friends and I howled this one in the middle of the night.
15. Ten Thousand Miles/Mary Chapin Carpenter

16. When The Music’s Over/ The Doors: The music is your special friend. Dance on fire as it intends.

17. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ Judy Garland

18. God Bless the Child/ Billie Holiday

19. Respect/ Aretha Franklin

20. What a Wonderful World/Louis Armstrong

This list will be different tomorrow. But these are always with me.

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2 Responses to My Autobiography in Music

  1. What an varied list! I LOVE “Idiot Wind.” The lyrics are so bitter and great. Dylan wrote it when he was getting divorced.

  2. randomyriad says:

    Dylan just seems to have a way of capturing the feeling and I just love singing his songs loud. He is such a good role model for people with no voice to speak of.

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