My Autobiography in Music

This is an idea from Red. These are songs that have been the soundtrack to my life at different times as well as songs that explain who I am.

1. Wish You Were Here /Pink Floyd: this was on a loop in my head for about 2 years.

2. The Question / Moody Blues

3. Baba O’Riley /The Who or any other song on Who’s Next.

4. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: Yes! the whole thing.

5. My Favorite Things/John Coltrane: So many moods in here I get lost.

6. Locomotive Breath/Jethro Tull

7. Tell Me Why/Neal Young

8. Piece of My Heart/ Big Brother and The Holding Company: Because Janis knew about the blues.

9. Still Crazy After All These Years/ Paul Simon

10. Why/ Annie Lennox

11. Love with Affection/ Joan Armatrading

12. Heart of Glass/ Blondie

13. Less Than Zero/ Elvis Costello

14. Idiot Wind/Bob Dylan: My friends and I howled this one in the middle of the night.
15. Ten Thousand Miles/Mary Chapin Carpenter

16. When The Music’s Over/ The Doors: The music is your special friend. Dance on fire as it intends.

17. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/ Judy Garland

18. God Bless the Child/ Billie Holiday

19. Respect/ Aretha Franklin

20. What a Wonderful World/Louis Armstrong

This list will be different tomorrow. But these are always with me.

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2 Responses to My Autobiography in Music

  1. What an varied list! I LOVE “Idiot Wind.” The lyrics are so bitter and great. Dylan wrote it when he was getting divorced.

  2. randomyriad says:

    Dylan just seems to have a way of capturing the feeling and I just love singing his songs loud. He is such a good role model for people with no voice to speak of.

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