There’s no day like a snow day

The Wire

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A catchy title for a pretty boring-ass day. There is more ice than snow now as the rain is starting to freeze a little. The sounds of horror drift down from upstairs as my children entertain themselves with scary movies.

Dreaming of the Hood

Last night I had dreams about a show we are watching, “The Wire” on HBO, which is quite possibly the best show ever on TV. It is about Baltimore police, city government, drug dealing, dock workers, schools, parenting, redemption, and living by a code, or not. It is so well written and acted that although the themes are as vast as humanity, none of the characters are lost in the immensity of it all. The writing is at times clever and playful (I find myself laughing at horrific things), but never flippant, and they are not afraid to shock you by getting rid of characters you are supposed to care about, or seem to have potential. It is about the hard stuff of inner city life and pulls no punches, and yet leaves me wanting to watch more. The police and government officials are flawed and human and some are worse than the criminals. Some of the criminals are honorable and truly sympathetic characters, though real enough that you wouldn’t want to hang out with them. Even the noble and upright characters have their demons and shadows. It is as truly told as can be born by the audience. Being about life on the street and on HBO, there is a lot of expletive and non-standard language, but to me that just keeps it real. There is one scene in which two homicide detectives are carefully investigating a crime scene and the only word they use for 2 minutes is F**** with different inflections and body language.

I suggest you watch it from the beginning as characters develop and plot is important. You have to get a feel for the world and who’s in it. They are on their 5 th and last season now. We are watching the 4th and the quality has been amazing throughout.

My dreams are full of Baltimore inner city life and death, and I don’t really mind, though I am so glad not to be living there.

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