I Wake Up and Turn On the Light + Preschool Fairy Tales


Feeling My Way Through Winter

I have been lulled into a drowsy scattered lethargy by weather, minor illness, and the petty nagging boring irritations of trying to live a life without adequate funding. I am waking myself yet again. What is it about this time of year that makes my mind drift from joy of life and work to wander into a haze of days in shadows without any inspiration. It is up to me to create light and therefore definition. I need light and shadows. I will lift this gray curtain with the effort of my creative mind. I will put some dreams into words and goals and put my commitment behind them.


Turning On the Light

February Goals:

Write a poem every week and publish it on Mondays.

Write a short story just for me. I will share it if I think anybody else will be able to relate to it.

Work on my novel a little every day.

Write at least 2 blog items every week. Lately I am lucky if I get one done in a week. How pathetic is that.

I will start with these very doable goals and work up to more long term goals. Just in writing this I feel a little more inspired. Maybe my sanity will drag itself through this winter intact.


My Little Piggies and The Big Bad Wolf

By the end of last week I remembered how to be truly present in my class, and had some very good moments with my lovely munchkins. They are a joy to be with when I am able to let go of the rest of the world and be there with them. I remember how much I learn from them and then I am able to teach them things that matter like how to take care of your friends and get what you need with gentle words and actions. They are learning how to give and take and share space and ideas. I have been using puppets to tell the story of three little pigs and having them take on the roles. It is so interesting to see the differences in interpretation especially with the wolf, which is really the only interesting character. The wolf is a great vehicle to get shy children to open up and use a strong voice, after all he is all about getting what he wants. Then you have the pigs staying safe (everyone survives in my version) and using words to stand up for themselves: “Not by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin!” The wolf in the end goes off in search of less clever food, probably chickens. Next week we start on our tale of home invasion and vandalism in which the big, dangerous creatures are terrorized by a little girl. That’s right Goldilocks. What amazes me is how into these stories kids who watch very sophisticated things on TV are. They are fascinated learn these stories and eager to tell them. If I want them to tell the story, I keep it simple and only make them count to three.

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5 Responses to I Wake Up and Turn On the Light + Preschool Fairy Tales

  1. I love your kinder, gentler fairy tale endings. I can’t wait to hear about Little Red Riding Hood, and how she and the wolf became best friends in the end.

  2. randomyriad says:

    We can’t do Red. The story is much to racy. Who would talk to a wolf out in the woods but a girl looking for trouble. And with all that stuff about Red not knowing her granny from a wolf she has already met. Well, even 3 year olds have difficulty buying that one. No we stick with the 3’s: bears, pigs, and billy goats gruff. Nobody gets eaten, just a little singed (the wolf’s tail. He does stop, drop, and roll to put it out), scared (Goldilocks and the bears) , or roughed up and wet(the troll). That is plenty of excitement for this crowd.

  3. Shoot– you’re right! I keep sitting here thinking of away around the LRRH problems, but the bottom line is that she’s just a bad and stupid little kid who talks to strangers and doesn’t spend enough time with her grandmother to know what she looks like.

  4. kimnixon says:

    Hello, Thanks for being you! And making a wonderful comment on my blog–it helped. I came across a little book called, “Not Quite What I Was Planning—Six Word Memoirs” and I will be talking about it on The Dailies. I was inspired by these 6 word memoirs–how dare I ever be blocked when such inspirational and profound things can be doen with 6 words! Stay tuned.

  5. randomyriad says:

    You are so good at putting things down in an honest and direct way. You’re photographs are also inspiring in the same way. I look forward to getting your take on the world and all the bits that come with it.

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