Trane and Miles Mapping the New World

Acid lizard grin

on a jade cat bell,

Passion pins about

Languid kiwi valley haze.

Red eyes, Rolled smooth

Bleeding ragged at the edges

Low drooling, pear juice hum

Dripping down the chin,

Tasted on the tongue.

Plugged nose moan

Scuffle slide drag

Scrape soles sand on old ridged planks

Lily cool murmur

Round bowl howl

Covering over the world

With one tortured joy

A spiraling Precession of Crenellated Tessellations.

The savage knife cuts

refracted into precise hard lines.

I am working with rhythm and sound here. Let me know if you can hear it. This is definitely an experiment.

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2 Responses to Trane and Miles Mapping the New World

  1. Narnie says:

    There is the most beautiful sounds here and the rhythm is cheeky, not too rapid and … well, it is fun to read! I have theories about sounds and how the mouth forms as you read aloud – how the way your mouth moves is an interpretation of the mood you are conveying. Oh I’m not explaining myself very well but anyways, your poem here is a wonderful conundrum for the tongue… almost every word that is next to eachother forces the mouth into a different motion so it gives off a staccato effect – fun, lively and exciting. I’m really interested to see where this goes 🙂

  2. randomyriad says:

    I just read it again out loud and I think understand what you are saying. Conundrum is a great word and fun to say too. Thanks for the feedback.

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