2 poems that happened today

Summer Storm Day

All night the storm grumbled around
Lightning flickered through my eyelids
With one tremendous crack-rumble ripping me out of loose sleep
into the misty dripping dark

in the morning my basement office cool
gray light filtered through
bright stalks of grass growing
against the little pains.

The day couldn’t make up its mind
It would grumble and storm a little
And then clouds stretched almost blue
For a few straining minutes.

Evening all green and rabbits on the lawn nibbling
With clouds breaking into pools of pale sky
The meadow is silently moving in furtive breezes
Or some stealthy predator circling.

Hide and Seek: The Story

A ghost flies down to the city

drifts to a house

knocks on the door

nobody comes

the ghost goes in

looks in cupboards, on shelves

no one to chase

the ghost looks under the table

Where many people are hiding

and the game is on

as the story ends

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