A Dream Delayed

Here is a dream I had a couple weeks ago as I was preparing to start NaNoWriMo. I have no idea what it means I just had a few minutes to pull it out of some scribbled notes in my journal.

I pulled out my ancient road weary suitcase the color of dark earth, and tossed it on the bed flipping it open. In the top half a fine film light green sheen of mold obscured the diamond pattern of crisscrossing lines. I will need a new suitcase for this journey, I thought, and went out to find a more suitable container for my traveling necessities.

A little while later I arrived at my destination with my shiny new stainless steel traveling case. The house was immense with rooms of lofty proportions and staircases leading to more rooms off in the dim upper levels that seemed almost infinite.

As I arrived a man came in carrying a clear plastic bag of spinach so large he could barely manage it. I stood at the edge of the busy household as people came and went. Somebody told the man with the spinach to just put it anywhere and we’ll deal with it later.

As I stood watching the hustle and bustle of the busy house, I daydreamed about a movie I had seen sometime in the past. It was about a family, a mother and father and two children a girl of about 10 and a boy who was a few years younger. They were sitting in a large dark room eating dinner and having a quiet conversation. Suddenly the girls face changed in the shadows taking on an evil leer and her mouth opened in a grin of long, pointed teeth. The boy saw this and almost cried out in alarm, but just then someone entering the room had switched on the light and shadows vanished. The girls face went back to normal.

“What’s wrong honey,” the mother asked the boy because she had seen the look of alarm travel over his face.

“It’s OK! The light fixed it,” He answered with relief.

Everyone went back to eating as the troll-like shadows crept over the boys face.

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