Fitting In





I am done trying to figure out how to fit into to the world. Today I begin fitting the world into me. I am not lost. I felt lost. Now I am here in this place at this time, and the world must join me here and explain itself or not. I  will be a patient observer of all its modalities and listener of its languages. But, I will no longer be morphing my shape to fit into some imaginary puzzle space in a vast array of jigsaw squiggles. I am me and I will know me by how the world fits me. I love who I love, but have no power over anyone but myself and sometimes not even that. How can I fit myself in if I cannot arrange the other pieces. I give up trying to arrange things from now on I am an observer of my borders as the world laps in and out and through me. The world will find a way to fit me in or fit into me. Either way I will be here making my way through my life as the fog lifts a few feet in front me and closes in behind.



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