Thawing Out My Mental Wings

The Starry Night

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I shall free my mind from the shackles of ice and snow and holidays and let it fly me into far flung fantastic visions. I am done with all the worry and oppression. Out among the stars that shine in the universal night of possibilities. Things will be what they are. I have little control over what happens around me, but my visions are the only piece of reality that are completely unique to me. If I can put this into words or pictures or music, create a form for them and let others gaze into my world, then maybe they will see a way to form their visions and share them. Maybe our visions are not as unacceptable or pathetic as we think, just human and flawed. Many have gone before showing life and questing for an honest depiction of their inner life or the life that they immersed themselves in. Kerouac and Kafka, Kahlo and Van Gogh. There are too many to name.  Like them I must portray my reality honestly as a whole with all the messy pieces included. My visions are unique to me, but also a part of human experience. I will not remain another masked face in the crowd. I will bring  forth the carvings on the stone that is the heart of me and show a piece of what it is to be human at this point in time in this place with these people surrounding me. This is all I can do, and I think it is enough and probably a more than possible task, but what else is there?

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