101 in 1001 Progress Report

Cover of "Essential Art House: Throne Of ...

Cover of Essential Art House: Throne Of Blood

This is my 6 month check in with my 101 in 1001 list. My progress is generally spotty. There are a items finished, and a few well on their way to done. But there are also those that are barely begun, and a few that I haven’t even started on. I did change one or two to make them more realistic, but for the most part is the same list I started in June. So far the list has been a good thing to keep me motivated and paying attention to important things. It also makes me look ahead and makes some plans. So much more helpful than New Years resolutions. The only resolution I will make is to keep working on my list.

  1. Fix up my bicycle: I adjusted the brakes and greased the chain, but I haven’t really worked on it much at all.
  2. Bicycle 1001 miles. (18.5): This is one that is hampered by my location and weather. I live on a very steep hill and am not in good shape and it is always raining and windy. Maybe I will get in better shape and be less of a wimp and fix my bike up so it functions better.
  3. get to work without using my car 10 times(5):This is one I changed to being generally alternative instead of specifically about the bicycle. I walk and take the bus too.
  4. Walk 1001 miles besides what I do normally(160): I just recently started to walk to work more and have upped my pace so that I can catch up a little. I should be at about 250 miles, but I am not worried about this one.
  5. Lose 20 lbs and keep it that way. (start 202)(201)(198)(197): I am doing way better on this one than I expected. I have been at 197 for a while which is right on target for where I am headed.
  6. Learn a new sport or play one I haven’t played in a while.: I have been looking at cricket, but I can’t seem to find anyone who plays it. I might have to settle for lawn bowling or horseshoes.
  7. Play a 3 set match in tennis.: My wife and I played a lot of tennis in the summer, but like I said about the weather. I am sure to get around to playing a 3 set match with someone.
  8. Dance 1001 dances. (30): I definitely need more dancing in my life.
  9. Get a physical exam: I will be due for this next summer.
  10. Go to the dentist 3 times.: I will need more money for this. Maybe after my wife finishes nursing school.
  11. Finish my novel.: I messed around with it a little, but it still needs a lot of work.
  12. Finish the first draft of another(12,000 words): I was off to a good start in November, but got bogged down with other projects. I hope to get back to it in January.
  13. Write 5 short stories.: Not even a word on this one.
  14. Write 101 poems.(9): I feel pretty good about this one as I go through phases of inspiration where I will put out 10 or 15 poems in a month. It is a slow time right now.
  15. Write 500 journal entries. (130): I have been pretty consistent  about journaling. If I don’t feel like writing I draw.
  16. Find a writing group.: Haven’t even looked.
  17. Send 5 items to publishers.: Haven’t really looked at this either.
  18. (X)Enter a writing contest.(Writers Digest Short Story Contest): I sent in a story I wrote a while ago at the end of November. I still haven’t heard anything.
  19. Publish 400 blog posts. (36): I definitely need to pick up the pace here.
  20. Comment on 101 blogs or email discussion lists (10): and here!
  21. Finish 50 pieces of 2 dimensional art.(7): I am going to try to do two finished pieces a month, which should get me there.
  22. Finish 5 pieces of 3 dimensional art.(2) This one is more complicated, but I feel good about my progress.
  23. Take a 1001 photographs.(898): I figure by next month I will have finished this one.
  24. Become fluent in Spanish enough to complete a conference with a parent who doesn’t speak English.: I have made a few abortive stabs at studying consistently, but I failed. I need to find more hours in my day.
  25. Translate a Spanish Poem.: see #24
  26. Read a book in Spanish.: see #24
  27. Write 5 blog entries in Spanish.: see #24
  28. Watch 10 Spanish movies without subtitles: see #24
  29. Read or listen to 101 books of all sorts.(28): I will have no trouble with this one. I love to read and listen to books.
  30. Watch 20 of Akira Kurosawa’s movies with subtitles.(5) I found that our library has many of his older movies as well as the more well known ones. I have been going chronologically. I just finished watching Throne of Blood his adaptation of McBeth. I am learning so much about the strange relationship the Japanese have with materialism. It is a completely different way of looking at the world.
  31. Learn to play 5 songs well on the piano.: I still need to get a plug for my keyboard.
  32. (X) Play guitar and sing for an audience.(Many times now at BCS): I play and sing for people at my school all the time now.
  33. Write a song.: I am working a couple, but they just don’t seem to want to finish.
  34. Speak about or give a demonstration about teaching in a professional setting.: I have a class planned, but no students yet.
  35. Go to the ocean (the Sound doesn’t count, there must be waves not just wake): Maybe this summer.
  36. Go camping.: See #35
  37. Go out in a boat (sailing or paddling): See #35
  38. Listen to 50 bands or musicians I have not heard before.(15): I have been enjoying this. My library is very helpful here as I do not need to buy CD’s to listen to a good selection of music by a band.
  39. Attend 5 live music events.: I haven’t really been up for this yet.
  40. Hang out in a bar with a friend.: Or this.
  41. Have a conversation 10 people I don’t know and have no reason to talk to.: Or this.
  42. Be in 101 places I haven’t been. It doesn’t have to be far. I just have to pay attention to the fact that it is new to me even if it is right by my house. (14) I have been exploring my neighborhood and town. I did more this summer, but I am going to try to do at least one of these a week this next year.
  43. Visit my sister in Oregon: I haven’t had 2 days to rub together for a while, but again this summer might work.
  44. Visit my brother and sister and friends in California.: See #43
  45. Go to Mom and Dad’s 3 times.(1): I finally got over to see them this week which puts me on target with this one.
  46. Visit my island friend 5 times.(2): I love that island and visiting and it doesn’t take more than a day. so I will have no problem completing this one.
  47. Leave the country once.: I am working on getting my passport.
  48. Get my birth certificate or if necessary a passport. (sent for  BC): See #47
  49. Drive a motorcycle or scooter.: I was looking at scooters this summer, but never got on one.
  50. Visit a state I have never been too.: I was thinking of New Mexico maybe next year.
  51. Visit a city I have never been too.: Maybe a city in New Mexico.
  52. Read a poem I wrote out loud for an audience.: I am going to open mic poetry night next Monday and every Monday after that until I do this.
  53. Help 5 people that I don’t know (in person not a charity or candlelight vigil). Basically good Samaritan stuff.: Nothing has come up yet.
  54. Help somebody move.: No one I know wants to move.
  55. Attend 5 parties or picnics or fun gatherings and have fun. (Really not the easiest thing for me)(1): Did I tell you I am not good at parties?
  56. Kiss my wife 10,010 times (the easiest thing for me). (1875): My wife is in nursing school so I am a little behind on this one. I am sure I will catch up. I really like to kiss my wife.
  57. Have 10 days (not necessarily consecutive) without screens (computer, tv, etc)(1): The whole blogging thing makes this one a hard one.
  58. Fly somewhere, most likely in some kind of airplane.: This will probably be a next year thing.
  59. Take a train somewhere.: This too
  60. Learn 101 words in languages other than English or Spanish and use them with someone who speaks that language.: I haven’t even learned many more in Spanish.
  61. Try 5 foods I have never tried. (2): I don’t get out much these days.
  62. Try 5 foods I don’t like but haven’t tried in a while.: See #62
  63. Make a group of more than 10 people laugh on purpose. (no accidental slapstick): I am thinking maybe I will read a funny poem about killing two birds.
  64. Admit a mistake and correct it.: I am sure I have done this, but I have not noted the specific instance. So part of the challenge in this one will be to pay attention to achieving it.
  65. Buy or make 5 special gifts for no special occasion.(1): This is harder for me than I thought it would be.
  66. (X) Find a job I love.(BCS): I love my job. Unfortunately the pay sucks. So maybe I need to find a way to make a living that doesn’t involve working for other people. Most people assume if you love what you are doing you don’t need to make a living.
  67. (80%) Go through all of my stuff and get rid of things I do not use.: I am really proud of the progress I have made on this one. Of course I am highly motivated by the looming specter of moving this summer.
  68. Attend 5 church services or spiritual or religious gatherings of some kind.: I will get to this one of these days.
  69. Make 5 new friends who I keep track of on at least a monthly basis.: I am meeting new people at my work, but I haven’t made it to the friends stage yet.
  70. Take a friend out to lunch.: Everyone is so busy!
  71. (X) Get rid of the old car.(7/20/09): Yeah! With my wifes assistance.
  72. write 50o,500 words(30,420). Replaced post-graduate program goal due to lack of interest on my part.: I am writing more now. I am trying to do 1000 words a day. So though I am behind I will catch up soon.
  73. Plant and grow some flowers.: I am going to do a garden with my preschoolers this spring.
  74. Make a sound sculpture.: This is going to be another preschool project.
  75. Inspire 1001 works of children’s art by providing space, materials and encouragement.(426): I hope to finish this by this June.
  76. Make 20 good pieces of documentation about projects (books, posters, mobiles, etc.) with student help.(4): I don’t have the time I thought I would have at my new job, but I am still on target here.
  77. Record and transcribe 20 interactions in the classroom.: I have the nifty little recorder and a classroom full of very talkitive little learners. So all I have to do is turn on the silly thing.
  78. Write 20 detailed observations of deep learning.: I will get to this one starting this next month.
  79. (80%)Organize my files so that I can use them.: Again idea moving and changing jobs have helped motivate me with this one.
  80. Read 10 books I own and haven’t read. : I keep checking out books from the library.
  81. Give away something I love.: I need to find the things I love first I guess.
  82. Get a laptop.: No money/ no laptop. Maybe next year.
  83. Write in 50 different places.(1) I go to interesting new places I just forget to write there.
  84. Learn to fix something I don’t know how to fix.: Luckily nothing is breaking right now. But, I am sure I will get the opportunity.
  85. Learn to make something I don’t know how to make.
  86. Sing very loudly in a moment no one is expecting it.: I have to find the right moment.
  87. Make  a piece of art that moves. : This is another preschool project.
  88. Take a writing class or attend a writing seminar or workshop.: This is a time and money thing.
  89. Plan and complete 150 activities that inspire my creativity.(5) I have several things planned that I will get to this next year.
  90. Take some harsh but constructive criticism without being defensive.: I have not had to do this at my new job. At my old job the criticism was not so constructive.
  91. Use a critique to improve something I’m working on.: I am thinking about writing and a group. see #16. But, I am also going to teach a class for older children and will ask of a critique from my students.
  92. Find someone I disagree with on a subject that is important to me and listen to them for as long as they want to talk, only speaking to ask clarifying questions.: This one seems almost too hard.
  93. Spend a whole day purposefully listening, speaking only to let people know I am present and paying attention.: see #92
  94. Drive fast on a windy road 5 miles or more.: I love to do this. I am sure this will happen soon.
  95. Do some trail riding.: see #94
  96. Climb a tree.: I haven’t found the right tree yet.
  97. Howl at the moon. : It is just a matter of timing.
  98. Learn 3 new stories to tell out loud.: I am working on one story right now.
  99. Write a story to tell.:#98 is not my story, but I will come up with one soon.
  100. Tell a story to 5 different audiences.: See #98
  101. Commit 101 random acts of art as I am out in the world.(5): I have definitely been slacking in this department.
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