Buried Treasure From Last Year

Last year I was planning to use a blog as a way of reporting and documenting our class happenings, but I could never find the time to make it happen. I was rooting around in my archives and came across this never posted first post, and all the memories of those wonderful days of exploration and getting to know each other came back. It was a good beginning to an awesome year. Even though the school is not there physically, the experience we had together is still very concrete in my mind. The pictures and words just make it more so.

First Steps

We have had a beautiful 3 weeks to start our learning year together. We have spent most of our time getting to know each other and getting used to working together.

Some of our initial projects:

Tape Gates in Progress

Tape gates and classroom web: Children have been exploring the space in the classroom by attaching tape and yarn to walls and furniture and negotiating passages around, under and over these constructions. We are creating a wall hanging and weaving with some of our materials.

For outside time we have been mostly using the ramp as gross motor dramatic play for very active and exciting scenarios. We have also made use of some interesting balls with various properties and textures.

But mostly I am learning who the individuals in this group are and how they work together.

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