Anatomy: A Personal Tour #4


Examining the Lower Body Down to the Toes

Knead a round cheek of the buttocks with the whole hand. Feel for the large muscles and bones under the muscle. Move the leg up and down to feel the muscles contract and bones shift.

Put a hand on either hip and move them into the middle on the back along the upper edge of the hipbone. Note the dimple where the spine attaches to lower bones.

Run the fingers down between the cheeks of the buttocks, probing the anus gently. Push one finger gently and superficially into the anus and notice the sensation. Note how it tightens around the finger.

Broadly grasp and knead the outside of the upper thigh next to the pubic area pushing deep to feel the large bone under the heavy musculature.

Place a hand on the thigh next to the genitals, the thumb in between the inner part of the thigh and the genitals.

Move the hand down the leg to the knee squeezing every few inches. Note that the bones underneath are covered by deep layers of fat and mostly muscle.

Place your hand on the inside of the thigh so that the back of your hand touches the genital area. Knead the area all the way up to where the hip joins the body feeling for bones and tendons.

Move down the hand down to the knee extending and raising the leg to feel tendons and muscles work.

Explore your genitalia and pubic area, gently grasping, penetrating and manipulating the various structures noting sensations and changes in firmness and shape. Continue with stimulation as long as is comfortable note changes in breathing, heart rate, and other changes in other areas of the body and any discharge or changes in the genitalia.

Put a hand on the knee. Feel down the front with one finger and thumb until reaching the top of the shin.

With the foot pointed down, run an extended hand down the shin to the ankle.

Lift the foot into the normal standing position and feel the large tendon in front of the shin shift.

Explore the hollow at the back of the knee. Place fingers one tendon edge and thumb on the other. Extend and bend the leg.

Cup the top of the knee in a hand and extend and bend the leg again to feel the joint work.

Squeeze the upper part of the large muscle at the top of the calf and slide the hand down pushing the heel up and relaxing to feel the muscle work as the hand moves.

Proceed down to the two bony knobs on the ankle just above the foot.

Find the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. Pinch it gently and rotate the foot.

Run the fingers over the upper surface of the foot as it flexes. Feel the bones and tendons that extend into the toes.

Note the shape and flexibility of the toes and the shape and hardness of the toenails.

Run two fingers over the bottom of the feet note the hard thick calluses that had formed over years of walking as well as the continued sensitivity of the skin.

Note the position and shape of the toes on the bottom of the foot. Curl them and see how they overlap.

Use the toes to pick up a marble or pencil or larger or smaller items from the floor and move them to the hand.

With two fingers, follow the inner edge of the big toe bone up to the top of the foot apply pressure to feel the pulse so distant from the heart.



This is the set of tools I have at my disposal, at least the ones I carry with me naturally and use of everyday as a physical human being. There are many more internal structures that I use every day are difficult to access in a practical way, as well as intellectual, spiritual and intuitive skills and attributes I am always making use of which are time consuming and difficult to isolate in a meaningful way. I will continue to explore the structures of human existence as they pertain to me, and let you know when I find something worth sharing.  I will also be exploring and relating my further journeys through this lifetime as I move this conglomeration of human flesh and the complex combination of beliefs, ideas and dreams that make up my conscious and unconscious mind onward into whatever unexplored regions remain within the limited range of my small existence.

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