Anatomy: A Personal Tour #3

The Arms and Hands

Press finger and thumb against the bony bulges on either side of the back of the elbow. Extend the elbow to feel how these points line up with the point of the elbow.

Rotate the elbow so that the palm is up. Use two fingers to explore the inside of the elbow joint. Feel the triangular gap in the muscles just down from the joint. While pressing this area with two fingers, feel the tendon there bulge as the arm is bent. Place the thumb in the triangular space and rotate the arm as if turning a doorknob. Feel the bone underneath rotate in the joint.

Grasp the meaty part of the back of the hand. Squeeze and massage the muscle. Bend the hand up and down to feel them contract.

Move down the arm squeezing firmly with a whole hand while flexing the fingers at the end of the arm. Use the thumb and forefinger to examine the bony protuberances at just before the hand. With the fist flexed, feel the tendons to wrist on the palm side.

Find the artery on the outside edge below the thumb and just inside the of the bump of bone. Placing two fingers and pressing, count beats for 10 seconds.

Spread the fingers of one hand. With two fingers of the other hand, feel the edge of the bone just below the lowest thumb joint toward the middle of the back of the hand.

Move down the bone to the wrist. While making a fist, place two fingers across the back of the hand and notice the movement of the ridges of tendons close under the skin when the hand is spread.

With thumb and forefinger pinch the fleshy part of the hand in between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand and the rest of the palm.

Examine the intricate web of lines of on the palm with the hand spread open.

Then make a cup of the hand by drawing in the thumb and overlapping and curling the fingers up. Fill the hand with a liquid and drink.

Close the hand into a fist by curling the fingers to the base of the palm and folding the thumb over the backs of the fingers. Strike the other hands relaxed palm with the fist, noting its firm force.

Examine each finger.

Move the hand and fingers in many ways, rotating and extending digits, flexing and bending in various ways.

Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of each finger.

Manipulate two balls with the fingers and thumb in the palm of the hand.

Remove the cap of a pen , place the cap on the back of the pen and replace it over the point all using only one hand.

Shuffle a deck of cards.

Grasp an already cracked eggshell and rotate it between fingers and thumb without breaking it further.

Pick up a single strand of hair using finger and thumb.

Flip a coin and catch it with the same hand.

Open a jar.

Type on a keyboard or play the piano.

As you do these things note the complex, flexible and subtle structure of the hand.

Finally look and feel the fingernails, and rub the edges across the back of the other hand, noting the semi-sharp hardness.

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