Vague and Plausible Resolutions

I have decided this year to have resolutions that are goals that guide my day to day living. It just seems to be the only useful way of resolving anything for a whole year in years that seem to be twisting, undulating, labyrinthine paths through a foggy landscape. I can only try my live in a way that optimizes what I find on what I expect will be another random and often baffling  journey through the year to come.

1. I will be productive each day, doing something creative or inspiring that will carry into following days.

2. I will keep a positive attitude while paying honest attention to what is going in my life.

3. I will appreciate what I have and seek to make a positive difference in the lives of the people that are part of my life.

I will attempt these things with the foreknowledge that I will fail some days, but I hope to use this as a guide to get me back on the track when I derail. It can’t hurt and just might come in handy along the way like a little flashlight if I find myself in a dark and strange place.

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