My Mind is Up to Something

Pieces of Dreams

The Night Before Last:

I am in a crude wooden cage, dark thick boards nailed without care, in middle of a vast indoor space. Only a vague dim light shines on the area around the cage. The rest of the room is in shadow. Somewhere from the darkness a booming voice echoes:

Let yourself out of the cage, and anything is possible. You are responsible for everything.

as the cage door slowly slides open.

Last Night:

Student working on a sculpture that looks like a person sized apple core covered in earth tone clothes of various textures:

What do I do next.

The master sculptor not even looking at the piece:

Make some more mistakes.

The master walks out of the studi0 before the confused student can ask any more questions.

I woke up a little remembering swatches of fabrics taken from my button up shirts mounted next to each other. There are things going on in my mind that have not quite made it to the conscious level yet. Maybe I need to shake things up in there  a little to see what will fall out.

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