Violent Dreamers

Affiche A3 : INCEPTION movie

I just saw Inception last night. It was well written, well acted, and thoroughly engaging, but there was one thing that kept nagging at me. Why all the guns and explosives. Are dreams really like this? It was more like they where in a movie in which the characters in the movie were controlling the movie. My dreams are every now and then violent, but for the most part the violence in my dream comes from ideas that do not fit together. It is subtle and, by the time I wake up, elusive. Blockbuster movies are not elusive or subtle by definition. They are immediately recognizable. They blow up and sizzle. I liked this movie but it did not contain the subtlety of dreams. Dreams are so individual and so out of our waking mind’s normal paths that no one would make a movie based on actual dreams and expect to have it reach a wide audience. My dreams do not normally contain guns, explosions, or violent mobs intent on destruction. And, where was sensuality in all this. Maybe violent people dream this way, I know I don’t.

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