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April Poem #3

Remembering Forgetting   I From “Little Gidding“ Part V, stanza II   With the drawing of this Love and the voice of this calling We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to … Continue reading

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Heaven Is A Traffic Jam On The 405

Originally posted on synthetic zerø:

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What baboons and Hannah Arendt can teach us about human behavior that could save us from ourselves

If I had control over the curriculum of high schools in the U.S., two videos, the 2012 film Hannah Arendt and the documentary “Stress,The portrait of a Killer”, would be shown in a course all students would have to take called … Continue reading

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Dreams of Last October

10/3/11 I am playing football with women wearing long blood-red dresses. They slide and leap, run and catch, laughing and sprawling about without worries about rules or keeping score. 10/4 In the long hall I supervise the rearranging of beds … Continue reading

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They Will Rock Us to Sleep in Their Cold Arms and Eat Our Brains for Breakfast.

Why are there so many movies and stories about vampires and zombies in the last twenty or thirty years? As if people have lost their faith in an afterlife except for some corporeal form, but don’t want to struggle with … Continue reading

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