What Sky Will We Reach For This Week?

No one shows a child the sky– African Proverb


Another long work week begins, and I begin with this idea. I will not try to show children the sky, but give them lots of opportunities to look up and see. If they are looking down a lot I hope they learn a lot about the ground. Either way I will be there to help them if, with all this up and down looking, they are not looking where they are going, and they move along at pretty fast speeds sometimes. I will pick them up and help them deal with the small injuries and send them back out to look for whatever inspires them.

Every week I have my ideas about what we are going to look at based on their ideas last week, but I know by the end of today, I will have thrown most of my ideas out the window, because they will come in all afire with new ones. Their fire will catch, and off we will go into another week of finding out what our sky is and how high we can go in it.

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