We Can Do Better Than This.

I am watching the unfolding situation in Egypt with a combination of empathy and shame. As a believer in individual freedoms and open democracy I hope that the Egyptians are able to make some of this happen in their country. My shame comes from the fact that people in my country who have power have used it to help a dictator move his country into the desperate situation Egypt is in. It is not like this is the first time either. Over and over again our corporate/military/intelligence “?” community has supported power hungry despots over populist democracies. It always comes back to bite us (Iran, Iraq, The Former Yugoslavia, Viet Nam you get the picture). Now we see our leaders walking a tightrope of rhetoric to extricate our country from culpability and complicity, and once again our credibility in the world is damaged. We hold ourselves up as a shining light of freedom while we assist in the oppression of the rest of the world. The hypocrisy and duplicity is laid bare for the world to see. The question is how do we stop our government from supporting dictators and corrupt governments in our “national interests”. How do we change our idea of what is our national interests to a strategy more beneficial to everyone in our planetary community?

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