Some Sunny Day Thoughts

I am writing this in the staff break room on my lunch break. This is the first post I have done from work. After I am done with this I will take a walk. The day is fine and crisp and blue and sun will feel good. I have spent a lot of time outside today with 3 and 4 year-olds, and that has been fun, but I will enjoy moving at my own pace with my own thoughts in stead of trying to keep track of what many small, busy bodies are doing and what small faces and voices are trying to tell me. I love my time with the children, as well as my time without them. Their feelings are so big that they hide the subtler ideas that happen in my mind. When I am walking those ideas get to come out of hiding and I can see them more clearly. Walking also helps me to think especially on a pleasant day with a lot of sun as if the light seeps into the dark corners and sweeps out the little dust covered thoughts into plain sight. Some of them are a little shy and scurry back into the shadows, but at least I get a glimpse of them before they disappear.

My lunch is finished. I have drunk my tea. I like to listen a little to the conversations, but in a few minutes I will be moving in sun hunting for some ideas that I bring back here and put, inadequately and clumsily, into words and if I am lucky some pictures.

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