Dream Movie Poem

BioPic I

Part I

Back to that Patagonian river land,

Where memory starts,

Out of whole, I am cut,

Severed from flow

In flash frames frozen,

Out of Internal

 and external streams.

Intertwined and confused,

Fused chimera scenes

Carved and lit at

Extreme angles.

Grotesquely skewed shadows

Warp the installations on the set.

I watch myself in some of the scenes

I am haunting myself.

Separated from birth

By inches at a time,

My body automaton

Roams the world

While the other watches

Frantically trying to

Find the controls.

How do I sleep this body?

How do I complete this connection?

Soldering iron or splicing tape?

Part II

A young man broods

Slumped in a small stuffed chair

Head tilted back, exhausted,

berated by The old man

who accuses him of being a spy

For an opposing team,

While the tables are arranged

for the evening event.

I am not invited.

“Is that all you needed?”

I will work here, but not socialize,

Remembering all that is said and done

Under the sunlit canopy until the stars

Appear one by one.

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