Beginning a New Year: Three Dreams and A Poem



Part I

Dream Conversation:

“Someone who was really good with candles,” the round headed man said trying to convince me that he had no agenda. Sly sideways glances told me he was after something he didn’t want me to know about.

“The room is really bright and warm, and he can use energy to heal sickness and locate objects, raise the dead . . .” he said the last three words with peculiar emphasis.

“Oh, you don’t want to mess with that,” I said. “Don’t you remember the monkey’s paw. You would only want to use that on someone you didn’t like, someone you wanted information from.”



I am a caretaker at a college. I sleep in my office. I look around for a pair of blue jeans, but all I can find are a strange pair of pleather pants or bright blue plastic rain pants. Later, I am breaking down some cardboard boxes while skateboarders practice on the other side of a thin brick wall.



To Do List

Desire toward fulfillment

And purple dye

Drop all pretense

Make obsessions that work

Dump run



I am backing a car out of a space in a twilight parking lot full of cars made in the sixties and seventies. I maneuver it out delicately out of a tight space and put on the brake which only makes the car back faster through the parking lot. I steer as well as I can twisting my neck and leaning over the bench seat. Finally, I guide it to a space with a chain link fence at the back which stops the car. All this is done without any panic or much thought on my part. I was just along for the ride.

It is as if my life is taking me somewhere. I can make adjustments, but I have to steer in reverse and avoid all the obstacles. I can only stop if I am able to find a barrier to run into. So I only a little control if I work really hard I may avoid smashing into something that matters. For now I have found a space, which are pretty much all the same. Some are in the middle where a few cars move nosing about for a space to park, or maybe trying to find the exit. For now I have a nice space out of the way facing the middle where I can see what little action is taking place. I would just like to figure out how to get this thing moving forward sometime soon. But, maybe that is just relative. All movement is just motion; position and direction are irrelevant. Where is that exit anyway?

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