Two February Dream Poems



In the embrace of her muscular fur,     

    Her claws puncture my hand, her imperious

                    Teeth close by my face.

I have to hold her, or she will consume me.

Before, I was in despair

                      as she cheerfully

                Made ready to depart.

I must not let go;

                She is my only way out.



         The Emigration

A ship, cloud-like, immense against

The blue of wider river beyond,

moves in glacial inches up the narrow channel,

almost rubbing the brightly stacked buildings,

close on either side,

each bank the beginning of a separate country,

Both contained in this single city.

I am constantly forgetting my children, the car,

Other odds and ends,

But no matter,

They will always turn up on the other side.

Finally, loading my family and possessions,

in a candy red car,

We drive to the other country

over the wavering bridge

slapped together as we cross

by ant-like workers, with eager wings

buzzing and whining, they bring pieces

torn from buildings, driftwood

from the slow churning waters below.

If someone is left behind,

or something not packed and carried over,

No worries,

Everything finds a way over.

We have no home, but our bright car

Takes us deep into the new land.

The city moves with us

flowing like flood waters over the countryside.

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