Thinking Through the Noise

I was just thinking, that life gives us opportunities to respond to it. Technology can help us, but it cannot provide the inspiration for our moment to moment existence. We must each as individuals find ways to respond to each moment and what tools we will either use or invent to create our lives. It is the convergence of these responses to the challenges of survival,curiosity and connection that produces technology that creates new challenges and more connections to respond to.

There is so much information and so many ideas out there to sort through, but that doesn’t mean that the more you consume the better decisions you will make. There is a point of saturation and a lot of bits of fluff floating about. Most of the information and ideas floating around out there are either half baked or free of any factual or reality based connections. People trying to be, maybe even being funny at times. I think if you are always twittering what time do you have to actually think through all the layers of complexity that goes into anything that could inspire deeper investigation into or thoughtful examination of a subject. Any tweet that does this would have to come from someone who has studied and pondered. Digital devices cannot do our pondering for us.

If you are always taking in information and spitting out glib responses there is no time for analysis or synthesis, which happens when you compare or just hold differing ideas in the same mental space for a period of time. This works best without distraction. Maybe this is why we can’t get anywhere on actually solving the immense problems facing humans and our tenuous situation on our only planet. World saving ideas do not come in 145 character bits. I am not saying that twitter is threat to our existence or that tweeting will end the world, just that maybe if we unplug every now and then and just look at the world and really wrestle with some difficult ideas, maybe put some opposing concepts in a room in your mind and let them duke it out until either they merge into a messy glob, or the one that works best gets the other in a stranglehold (please be humane in your treatment of ideas). Pondering is a skill that must be practiced, but the good news is it costs no money. You only need a little bit of quiet time, mental space, and a few interesting ideas to bounce off the walls.  I believe, the more people doing this the more chance there is of coming up with solutions to the huge problems we all face.  Maybe we will start to see that the more we think about important things the less we need weapons, drugs, or food to solve problems. Maybe we can have a little more contact with people in our physical space, and see what ideas they are wrestling with. But, that is probably a different subject.

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