A Lantern In the Dark

I want to thank a friend who may not know he is a friend of mine over at Bleeding Inkwell for being honest, and expressing his frustration with writing as a one way conversation. It is hard when you are shouting into the darkness and you feel no one is listening. Writing has to be about faith sometimes. At least until you get a glimpse of a light shining back. I want to thank my friend for writing about his life so honestly. It is with honesty and courage that you will inspire others to value who they are, not by making more mindless noise in the world. My friend inspired me to write again as a writer, not as a student (which has been my whole world for the last three months). And, that is a gift. Thanks.

As a writer, writing has to be the reward, or it is not worth it. I wrote my blog for many years with little feedback, and still I get very few comments. Though my traffic is up a bit. This is the thing about writing it is all going on in your head, and this can be isolating. But, if what you put down on paper is what you want to put out into the world, no matter what happens, you should keep working on it, making it that unique little light that comes from your core.  Your writing may be a small light for someone else to follow. You can’t help people or make a difference by adding to the noise of the world. But by adding your authentic voice, the voice that speaks from the heart of who you are, you can become a part of the people who read your writing. That is the way I choose to write. Have fun! Play with words like new toys. Use them to shine light on your visions. Anger and fear are always going to be present when you are exposing the deepest part of who you are, but the way to being at peace is play with love. Words are magic you carry with you to send messages from the frontier that is you out there on the edge of the world. The place where everyone comes from. Don’t give up your magic lantern, someone may be watching the skies for a sign. Or you can always going out into the world and shine in other ways, and that is good too.

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