Tarot #66: XIV Art/Temperance, the androgynous confluence of spirit and water mixing art and life.


The Art represents the power of combinations and chemistry, of the whole being greater than the sum of parts. The Yin and Yang set in motion like a stirred can of paint.

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The inseparable nature of the world is represented as the collaboration of elements. Symbioses, synthesis, and the bonding of opposites to form the stuff of nature and living matter.

This is a time to look at how ingredients or individuals interact to produce a stable whole, a time to unify disparate factions into a fabric of balanced self-interest for the overall benefit of each individual.

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Diplomacy is needed to bring opposing parties into negotiations. Maybe you need to look at how you can improve your situation by combining your desires with the needs of others that can help you bring them to fruition.

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Pour thine all freely from the Vase in thy right

hand, and lose no drop.  Hath no thy left hand

a vase?

Transmute all wholly into the Image of they Will,

Bring each to its true token of Perfection.

Dissolve the Pearl in the Wine-cup; drink, and

Make manifest the Virtue of that Pearl.

— Aleister Crowley from the Book of Thoth

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You need to use creative thinking and expose yourself to a wide range of ideas in order deepen your artistic process and become more passionate involved in your work and world.

Image result for temperance gill tarotTemperence Tarot

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