Two Little Notes, A Fictional Concept and A Dream

I am not sure where these two little thoughts came from, but they were written in my notebook by me.

You can never go boldly into the land the land of gods: you must slide in unnoticed or fall in by accident.

Pink heart, candy cigarettes: Devine!


It is as if there were a piece of fine lace, sandwiched between two sheets of paper. The lace separates one reality or universe from another. When pressed together the two sheets only touch where there are holes in the lace and only in the very middle of these spaces. Mostly they are separate, but in these tiny random spots they universes share common space. A few molecules of paper or dust particles. In these places, if you pay attention you can find a bit of another reality poking through.


I was living in a castle. I decided to take a woman (no one I know waking) on a gator hunt. I showed her a map of the land that surrounded the castle and to the north was the Gator Swamp with a picture of a gigantic alligator taking a bite out of a rough wooden sign that read “Beware!” As we walked out of the castle into a busy parking lot with many cars and people milling about I lost track of my companion. Every woman in the parking lot looked like her in a different way. I approached many women who had no idea who I was. One of the people attending me, an assistant or vassal, said, ” She doesn’t have to stay here, but if she comes around again, we will not take her back.”

I was truly grief stricken as I searched the parking lot, looking into each woman’s face hopefully only to be demoralized and have to apologize for interrupting whatever they were doing in that parking lot. I, finally, realized that I had no idea who she was and that any of these women could be her pretending not to be her.


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