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Anything in Sufficient Numbers

Anything in Sufficient Numbers Can Be Terrifying I was suddenly standing in the middle of a lush sunny yard with toads swarming all around covering the ground and plants and each other. Just a multitude of very active brightly colored … Continue reading

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Another Dream Poem

Juice of the Weedy Man I could see death away up the road leaping from stalled car to stalled car like a tiger hunting. No way to shout, to make a connection. The Weedy Man was coming with berries and … Continue reading

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Historical Resource 1965

Absurdity in the face of overwhelming hypocrisy and paranoia

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Ursula Le Guin, again?

Giant Flying Cats! This woman really had some brilliant ideas. Although, it might be a bit frightening as well. But really this is a great book filled with some very interesting writing and fantastic storytelling, and big freakin’ cats that … Continue reading

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Mike Schneider: In the Post-Truth World

Originally posted on Vox Populi:
the game of truth or consequences has no consequence. What does it matter if insurance agents quote Thoreau? The mass of men still lead lives of quiet desperation. Guns are not on sale at the…

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