The Best Places Fill You Up and Let You Go: A Note to Generations and The Community Around It

I am in Transition from preschool work into a career in physical therapy. Yesterday I said good-bye to the best job I have ever had and my favorite educational community. So many people impacted my life as a teacher, and I was able to do my best work as well, because I was allowed to be authentic in this place. I was able to make meaningful relationships with children, parents and staff while doing my job. Trust, Love, and Respect all live in this place, and filled me so I could fly on. 

My message to the Generations community:

There is no way to say all that I feel about leaving this beautiful, thriving community of families and committed loving staff. You guys are the best, and I will not leave you behind. Wherever I go I will take the experience of the last 2 years with me. I would have to write a book , and right now I am a little busy to do that. Heidi and Trisha, you are the best administrators I have ever worked with in my long career in early childhood education because love is your main guiding light, and that light illuminates the whole program. I will be in touch, because how could I not be after such support and lovely experience, by far my favorite job of all time, even the early morning shifts could not make me feel otherwise. And, then there are my little friends who have grown so much in the short time I have been privileged to guide them, and the warm and thoughtful teachers and parents who have enlightened me with their ideas, songs, stories, and loving mentorship. I will always consider myself part of this community no matter how much distance separates me from it. Thank you all. I will miss the daily dose of love and struggle that made my life very rich and present while I worked on my goals, and now that I have achieved the first step and have to move on, I see that I have been so blessed and will continue to be blessed by all of you and what we have made together. I will send my contact information when I get it as well as love and prayers. I will say it again you all are the best and I will miss all of you.

My hope is to carry what I have gained here into my work in rehabilitation. I will be doing my best to be my authentic self and work with love and compassion. After working at Generations I know what that looks and feels like so I will know it when I feel and see it from now on.

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