Playing with Zoom

I took my new zoomier camera outside yesterday and continued practicing and experimenting. I can’t believe how much the landscape has changed in the last 3 weeks, so much green and leafy going on. 

I was trying to get a few shots of the robins in the park, when I saw a man looking at me with curiosity. I could see the robins in my camera clearly but it took his eyes a little longer to sort them out.

“I was just looking at you taking pictures of grass. Then I saw the birds.”

I told him that if he knew me better he would think that was more of 50/50 chance grass or birds, but I was after the birds trying to get them to stay in the frame long enough to capture them. Zoom is easy to use on stationary objects, but finding a subject when it has moved out of frame takes a lot of practice. I like how the zoom flattens objects and background and shifts the color. In a couple of the reflection images, I did very little to manipulate on the computer, and yet they have a very abstract expressionist feel to them. I am still looking for an interesting sky with some clouds to see how the new camera handles that. I am always looking for an interesting sky, or grass, or birds, or a black and white sign with words and a symbol of a bicycle. 

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