Video: Harry Frankfurt on Bullshit

Some thoughtful, though should be fairly obvious, ideas, very clearly laid out, on how people obfuscate the truth for there own advantage to the disadvantage of everyone else.

Vox Populi


Harry Frankfurt is an American philosopher and author of the New York Times bestseller “On Bullshit”. Although first conceived as an essay over 30 years ago, his theory on bullshit is more relevant today than ever before. This short video summarizes his ideas on what bullshit is, why there’s so much of it, and how it can be a greater enemy to the truth than lies.


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2 Responses to Video: Harry Frankfurt on Bullshit

  1. suburbanlife says:

    Oh, Harry Frankfurt is right on the mark. I often feel like a Cassandra on the ramparts of Troy as i often state what is to me obvious, but what i point our gets negated. G

    • randomyriad says:

      As Mr. Frankfurt says, bullshit is hard to refute, and in the process you might look a little flustered. But, visions of doom are even more difficult to deliver even if you know them not to be bullshit.

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