Three Random Quotes In Search of A Unifying Title

I have been trying to figure out a title to fit all three quotes under that would tie them together, but could not manage it. Maybe they only fit together in my mind. Maybe they are pieces to completely different puzzles and I just have to make a puzzle that will fit around them.

Don’t for heaven sake, be afraid of talking nonsense! But, you must pay attention to your nonsense.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


I often have the feeling that I hold in my pocket something secret, something very happy at which I must not look. –Franz Marc



…China’s ancient sages assumed that this immediate experience of empty awareness was the beginning place, that dwelling here in the beginning, free of thought and identity, is where we are most fundamentally ourselves, and also where deep insight in the nature of consciousness and reality logically begins….you can begin at the beginning anytime, anywhere. A simple room, for instance, morning sunlight through windows lighting the floor; a sidewalk cafe, empty wine glass on the table, trees rustling in a slight breeze, sunlit passersby; a routine walk through a park, late-autumn trees bare, rain clattering in fallen leaves.

David Hinton, Experience  (From Stony Soil Vermont)

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