Anatomy/ A Personal Tour #2


I continue my exploration of personal anatomy moving downward from the head. I realized after the first section that none of the exploration was visual because I did not use a mirror, and as I did not wish to touch my eyes I did not really experience much of them at all. I was thinking about what about eyes could be explored. So I include that in this section moving down below the head where I can use my eyes to see what I am examining.

Part I

Eyes and Imagination

Move from a lighted space into a dark space, and notice as the darkness begins to separate into greys and muted colors.

Quickly move to brightly lit space, or switch on a light source and notice the colored pattern of tiny lollipop shapes that appears and fades as the surroundings come into focus.

Hold the index finger up a little away from the face at the level of the eyes and in the center between them. Note how much detail can noticed. Close one eye and quickly switch to the other eye, and alternate this a few times. With both eyes open move the finger toward the eyes in the center. Now quickly shift the visual focus to an object more than an arm length distant and continue focusing on it while moving the finger away from the eyes to the original location. Feel the strain of the muscles in the eye as they shift.

Move the finger to one side without moving the head until it is out of the field of vision, move it a little back and forth to locate an exact point where the finger disappears. Repeat these actions on the other side.

Toss a small ball up over 5 feet two times attempting to catch it both times, first with eyes open and then, on the second toss, closing the eyes as the ball begins to descend.

Look carefully around, noticing the range of tones of color and subtle gradations from bright to black the eyes perceive.

Close the eyes and make a mental picture of something studied for a short time. Make a mental movie of someone you don’t know handling the object.

Recall a song you know well. Imagine a  person singing that song and dancing while holding the object.

Remember a dream you had recently. Think about how these images and sounds are produced and perceived.

Part II

Back, Abdomen, Chest and Arms

Place the fingers of one hand in between the top of the shoulder blades and the fingers of the other hand in the center of the back along the furrow.

Place a hand on the flat part of a shoulder in between the spine and armpit and shrug to feel the muscles stiffen just under the surface.

Feel the vertebrae as the back arches and twists. Feel them flex together. Touch each bump down to the tailbone, feeling the sides and spaces.

Touch where the ribs and the shoulder blades join the spine. Follow them out as they curve around to the chest.

Place the hands on the hips just above the fat and muscle of the buttocks feel back along ridge that runs from the hip to the tailbone at the lower part of the back. Feel the muscles contract and bulge as the spine straightens from a slightly bent position.

Take some deep breaths and feel the air come through the nose, down the throat and fill the lungs as the muscles of the diaphragm pulls away from the spine expanding the space in the center of the chest and then relaxing, letting it all fall back. Feel the air flow out through the lips and nose. Sit still until you can feel the heart beat just off the center to the left under the ribs.

Begin to explore the chest from the tongue shaped bone in the middle above the soft belly up to the hard triangular ridge notched at the base of the throat. As the fingers move up, feel the dent where the cartilage becomes bone.

Feel along the upside down V of the lower edge of the ribs. Push up from a flat surface with one arm, feeling the muscles of the chest contract.

Cup each breast in the hand and squeeze gently. Examine the nipple, stroking the tip gently with one finger. Note any sensations this causes or change of shape or firmness.

Once more rest hands on hips. Find the front of the top of the hipbones. Move the fingers along the ridges on either side into the middle until they end.

Move down a little and Press in the center deeply to feel the pubic bone. Locate the belly button and examine the knot of skin.

Lean back and sit up with hands on the abdomen to feel the sheets of muscles stiffen and bulge. Explore the musculature of the abdomen by kneading and pushing in various places below the sternum and above the hips as the upper body leans forward and back.

Cough with fingers placed on the side of the abdomen to feel the muscles bulge and relax.

Listen for sounds of the intestines at work.

Place a hand on the chest just above and to the outside of the nipple move it away from the center until it curves under the shoulder next to the upper arm. Notice the hair that grows at the base of downward facing pit.

Find the place where the chest muscles attach to the shoulder, and the ridge of back muscles behind that attach to the back of the shoulder.

Locate the top of the shoulder blade and follow it to the joint. In the center of this area, grasp the muscle and skin and squeeze as the hand ascends to the base of the neck.

Then find the collar bone just below the neck and, with two fingers, follow it out to the shoulder joint. Place a hand on top of the shoulder joint, and thrust the arm under the joint forward and rotate it around to feel the joint work. Feel the thick musculature between the skin and bone that forms the round part of the shoulder.

Grasp the large muscle on the front of the upper arm just below the shoulder and raise the hand up by bending the elbow. Feel the muscle shift upward. Feel the pulsation of the artery at the base of the muscle close to the bone as it is grasped between finger and thumb. Now grasp the back of the arm and press down ward on a surface to feel the muscle become firm and rippled.

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