More Thoughts from the Land of WTF Just Happened.

“Tomorrow we shall have to invent, once more, the reality of this world” — Octavio Paz

I don’t agree with those that think leaving because of the election is a moral thing to do. It is the practical thing, and I understand. It is not a moral stand to leave a place because of injustice or bigotry. It is immoral to stay and do nothing about it or support it. People are basically the same everywhere. No matter where you go there will by people who will create injustice and use power in the worst ways possible. It is just as likely the next place you go will face the same or some different social crises. It cannot be avoided. But I think it is alright to find a place where the government is working for the people and the system seems to work for everyone. You can’t just live there though you have to make sure that it stays that way. Any government worth existing needs vigilant guarding from human beings who let greed and fear rule their lives. What has happened here can happen anywhere people who care are not paying attention or have become arrogant and blind to fear and anger. I hope your life is good wherever you go, but pay attention to the opportunities to build communities of real diversity that include everyone. That is what makes a place worth living.

“I have only to go on, as if there were something to be done, something begun, somewhere to go.  It all boils down to a question of words, I must not forget this…”

– Samuel Beckett, The Unnameable

It all comes down to things that make no sense yet are. People listen to words and know they are lies coming from someone who has spent his whole life getting only what he wants, and not really caring how other people feel about it. They know he is only aiming at a goal that will suit him, and when he tires of it he will burn the whole thing to the ground and walk away, because that is who he is. And everyone knows it. he has the matches and the gasoline ready. He is setting up the scene. And everyone is saying stay calm. He’s probably not as crazy as he says he is. I tend to look at peoples actions, as well as their words. And there behind a flaming path of broken promises and con games all meant turn out really great, you’ll see, believe me.

I am very unclear how all this is going to turn out, but that has been true every step of my life. Each one an invitation to disaster each one taken blind with so little information to call it an educated guess is laughable. But I keep taking steps, and I have managed to get to this point without causing any catastrophic damage and maybe doing a little bit of good for some people. Maybe that is the way it is always everywhere I just take the next step and hope I keep my balance and don’t squish anything that can feel it. And maybe every now and then I step into a situation where I can help someone else gain a little of their balance or learn to walk or give them information on the steps I have taken, so that they can maybe find a sounder path, maybe not fall as much as I have fallen along the way. One can hope for that even in this very weird place.

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