Tarot #32: Knight/King of Wands, on fire and boldly moving

I think often intensity is confused with maturity. ~

Laura Marling

Scan_20181230 (4)

A situation has arisen that needs quick definitive resolution brought by a single source. This is a one shot deal that needs a confident and firm hand. Decisive action is called for without any hesitation or doubt.

Scan_20181230 (3)

There is only time to assess the situation and the skills you can bring to bear on it. You must be the one to leap into the flames and deal with whatever awaits you. The risk is that you may be acting rashly perhaps endangering yourself and others. This all depends on the surrounding cards.

Scan_20181230 (5)

People represented here are the fiery part of fire and will burn if standing or moving and they must succeed in their first attempt because they have no ability to evaluate and correct their trajectory.

These are the revolutionary bringers of change who will become tyrants if left in charge too long. They have the charisma of fire and vitality and will be asked to lead whether they choose to or not. They are not consensus or coalition builders. They act boldly and unilaterally or with or without sanction. A loose canon or bull in a china shop when dealing with sensitive issues. Diplomacy is definitely not there style.

Alternate Reading: Wheel of Change Tarot


This card represents spiritual growth and attainment of insight into the processes of mind and body that regulate and control energy.

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