Tarot #33: Strife, internal conflict or vigorous competition among equals


This could be dissension or discord in a normally orderly process, or unnecessary competition or poorly handled disagreements. What ever the case you are working to through some obstacles in an inefficient manner do to friction of some kind.

5 of Wands

It could be that you are conflicted about your goals or motivations for working toward them and need to come to terms with inner turmoil in order to either smooth out the process or adjust your aim.

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Maybe you need to be more seriously striving toward a goal to gain the respect of others, but there is a feeling of maintaining control in order to focus energy in the right places. Healthy competition when engaged in with mutual respect can be good for all who participate, but winning cannot be the only object if it is to remain a useful activity.

five of wands

The opposite of strife is not peace or love, for those take some doing, it is ease, few things of value are easy to get. The problem comes when we strive for ourselves alone against others and not together toward a common goal. Struggling hard for something worthwhile for everyone with many hands and minds cooperating creates community and love and the bonds of friendship and these in themselves are worthy of the struggle.

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You might be aware of the conflict or competitive nature of your project, but may have lost sight of value of compromise and cooperation in any undertaking. Look to keep your fire but if there are allies or ways to smooth out some of the rough spots with a few friendly gestures instead of a cudgel to the head, maybe you will rest a little easier after the process is complete.

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Wheel of Change Interpretation

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 Find meaning in ritual and find yourself in the four sacred directions. Locate yourself in your home land wherever you find yourself. Center and celebrate your life by a process of connection with the sacred inside you.

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