Tarot #34: Dominion, the wind is at your back and you are ready for take off.


You are in a position of stability and have all the energy you need to move forward with any plans you implement.

Image result for Mary el 2 of wands

You have come to a point where you must decide between to two paths forward both of which your talents and skills are well suited.  A thorough assessment of your desires and hopes must be made in order to make the best choice.

Scan_20190101 (2)

You are ready in mind, body and spirit for a long journey or an arduous test of your hard won skills and natural talents.

scan_20190105 (2)

Being in charge of a project or managing a company or agency or taking the next step in your career, will suit you if you approach your task with well-founded confidence.

It is time to offer your talents to the world or make connections on a broad scale to enhance your agency in the world or community. Be ready to be drawn into some kind of relationship most likely to do with creativity or movement or both.

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Related image

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