Tarot #37: Knight/King of Swords, an arrow aimed true, speeding to the target.


A person driven with utter focus on a clearly attainable goal. The knight uses cunning and diplomacy, intimidation and stamina to achieve the object of passion. This is not a hot passion, but a strategic or tactical objective that is set through clear planning and launched with the energy of the well trained steed that the knight rides into battle.

Knight Swords 89

There is a certain amount of potential violence, but only as much as is necessary to achieve the goal. There is no malice or mayhem in the rider only efficiency and a sense of urgency. Anyone blocking the path will be moved out of the way or cut down.

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” Between the arising and dying of thoughts I enter a place of stillness”

Tarot by Margarete Peterson

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Master the wild mind and clear away the cobwebs of fear and doubt. Detach yourself from the future and past. You have become the attainment of the goal, you only need to set the plan in motion.

You are presented with a goal that will take all your skill and energy to attain, once you commit there will be consequences for failure. Plan well, but do not second guess your ability to achieve your objective. You are in a position where you must maintain focus and keep your wits about you to succeed. You will be tested and, without hesitation, have to drive through fears to get to where you want to be. Get on your horse and ride like the wind with your eyes and mind open to deal with whatever comes up.


 “The sentiment may perceive and love the universe, but the universe cannot perceive and love the sentiment. The universe sees no distinction between the multitude of creatures and elements which comprise it. All are equal. None is favoured. The universe, equipped with nothing but the materials and the power of creation, continues to create: something of this, something of that. It cannot control what it creates and it cannot, it seems, be controlled by its creations (though a few might deceive themselves otherwise). Those who curse the workings of the universe curse that which is deaf. Those who strike out at those workings fight that which is inviolate. Those who shake their fists, shake their fists at blind stars.”
― Michael Moorcock, The Knight of the Swords

 Knight Swords Berkley 1

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Representing clear scientific reason applied actively in the world or a person who works in this way or makes their way through life observing and problem-solving with an analytical focus.

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