Tarot #38: Defeat, time to cut losses, fall back, and reassess

You can’t win ’em all.

And, if you could what would you learn from that?

5 of swords

It could be that you are in denial about some aspect of your life that you are hanging on to. The longer you cling to the false hope the higher the ultimate cost to you and perhaps others will be.

scan_20190103 (6)

The fates are against you in this losing cause; it is time to wake up to the facts. You have lost and must negotiate a surrender will allow you to spare you and those you fight with the worst of the consequences.


You might be involved in an escalating conflict in which pride or vanity is at stake that may end up becoming dangerous in a more physical or emotional way and you need to call a halt to it and come to terms with the other party before it gets too serious.

Image result for 5 of swords wheel of change

Careful examination of facts in their proper order to determine the appropriate action. All consideration must be taken to abide by the law and tradition or create a new ritual to retain order.

Image result for 5 of swords Mary el

Accepting defeat is not the end of any important cause,  just the beginning of rising out of smoke and dust wiser for the experience earned in the struggle imbued with the energy of justice denied. Or, you may walk away to find more winnable battles.

Image result for 5 of swords st croix


Image result for 5 of wands gill tarot deck

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