Tarot #62: Prince of Cups, a single-minded artist or idealist driving through a tunnel of ambition.

An intensely ambitious creative person who relies on others without reciprocal feelings of belonging. This person belongs to creative energy and tends to get lost in imaginary worlds, but has an intense desire to manifest these works of thought in the world for others to appreciate.

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This person is often unkind and even ruthless, but usually without true malice, simply as part of a creative process that must be worked through. They tend to use whatever assistance that is offered as a natural part of the work, and so feel that nothing is owed to the people who participate in the process.

These people are capable of tremendous energy and personal sacrifice to their chosen creative endeavor, often expecting the same from others who work with them. They generally do not respond well to input or criticism even when it is valid and given in good faith.

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You are engaged in a creative task and are placing demands on friends and family who do not share your obsession and may be growing weary of being used. Your focus may need to enlarge to include your effect on those around you, if you wish to retain good feelings in your relationships.

This may be a time to focus on creative endeavors and distance yourself from your social life and avoid emotional entanglements. Beware of callous hubris that can lead to a lonely life and the ill will of others.

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Beware of brooding and melancholia, perfectionism, idealism, and narcissism. Try to maintain realistic humility and a sense of humor about your ambitions and gratitude for the parts that others play in your successes.

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Knight of cups: Compassionate and Empathetic, Providing and Seeking Unconditional Love.

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Keep me away form the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow to children.

Khalil Gibran

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