Tarot #64: Completion, temporary balance of forces initiating a time of celebration and regeneration


To the elements it came from,

Everything will return.

Our bodies to earth,

Our blood to water,

Heat to fire,

Breath to air.

Empedocles (490 B.C. — 430 B.C.)

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For now we abide in this state of unified matter interconnected with all the other matter of the universe, and every now and then we are reminded that this state is miraculous and tenuous. Each of us is complete and yet reliant on the whole of creation to survive in this form.

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Now is the time to appreciate the journey and pause to gather your abundant resources for the next phase. The balance of shifting forces rarely maintain equilibrium at one point for long.


Celebrate success and reward those who have been loyal to you and provided needed support along the way. Acknowledge all sacrifices and triumphs, forgiving those who doubted and reaching out to others as potential new allies. All is in balance, it is a balance that requires commitment and skill to maintain.

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You are building a relationship or relationships that with energy and attention will lead to a time of abundance and respite for all involved.


You have gathered around you a group of colleagues who are trustworthy and industrious. You must trust them and maintain their trust for your undertaking to move forward.

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Enjoy harvest and the reward of work. Work must be balanced with joy and have joy interwoven with common threads of justice and humility to create abundance of every kind spreading out into the world. The more complete the better for everyone.

Tarot Poster featuring the painting Four Of Wands Illustrated by Sushila Burgess

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