Tarot #65: Queen of Swords, perceptive champion of intellect and finely balanced judgment.


The Queen of air and water sits among the clouds with the clear vision of an eagle gazes down at the elaborate workings of the earth, at all the delicate patterns and nuances deciphering and predicting the movements of beings and the ebbing and flowing of all the cycles systems interwoven on the air, water, and land.

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All those who stand in the queens gaze stand with motives and methods exposed to the cutting mind. When the queen moves she moves with a body balanced by thought and awareness of each movement

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The body and mind are inseparable in the dance of justice. The queen will not be lead by emotion. Only reason will drive her judgement, swift and incisive, cutting through illusions and vanity to core of the matter to be decided.


A person represented by the Queen of Swords will be ruled by focused ideas and the overwhelming desire for balance and justice. They will be deliberative and painstaking in their research and well organized. They will be likely to cut out the emotional side of any argument, zeroing in on the empirical facts and evidence on which to base any judgement.

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These people tend to loyal to those who are honest and straight forward, avoiding overly emotional people who live in a swirl of drama. they will be swift to condemn those who act rashly or cause harm to others out of fear or acting on a whim. They will never act without a clear reason, at least using educated guesses in a situations demanding quick reactions.

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You will need to have guidance from a clear minded individual or look to engage your intellect in making decisions to make a good plan to make through some developing situations. You may need a lawyer or someone with expertise in an area you are not familiar but will need to navigate if you want to be successful.

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You need to cut through some of the emotional red tape clogging your systems. No one can truly operate on intellect alone, but you must work to examine and balance your decision-making processes to include more investigation and research to come to more efficacious insights.

Take a closer look at details and how they fit into the pattern of your life and your decisions. Realize there are pieces as well as the overall picture to the puzzle, fine-tuning and as well as examining overall flow. The system relies on its parts and how they interact to perform in harmony and balance.

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