Tarot #69: Work, committed creative effort toward a specific goal.


The master crafts-person’s years of experience training each muscle to apply just the right amount of pressure and the hand and eye aligning the tool to make the precision cut to bring out the perfect angle and fall of shadow on the final curve of the figure which is the creators imagination and artistic vision made manifest.

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Look for the inspiration in what you can do through practice and earned skill. If you begin a project put your whole body and soul into completing it with mastery and commitment to quality, love and detail. Whether it is raising a child or building a boat put into this job all of your integrity and passion.

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There is a project that you are working on that needs more of your attention or you need to apply yourself more to material concerns in order to bring stability to your life.

Hermetic Tarot

Create something from inspiration, bringing it to completion through patient and loving care. If it is of stone or wood make it breathe. If it is of words make it bleed and sing. If it is of sounds then make it take on colors and a voice from deep inside you.

Effort must be expended to get something done to provide grounding for your life.

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A mountain may be moved a teaspoon full at a time if you have enough time, hands, and teaspoons to fill.Image result for wild unknown tarot 3 of disks

To build a life takes an effort of bone and muscle and brain and emotions all in balance and with all the training done on the job.

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