Tarot #72: Power, being grounded and centered physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.


Although all is temporary, there is a grounded state that brings a feeling of well being and security without fear that makes it possible to open to the world and life around you with all you have to offer. It is the place of power and has nothing to do with politics or armies or violence of any kind. It is the kind of power that heals and replenishes the world and the possibility of joy among the storm and chaos of life.

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Look for an opportunity to create a space in the jumble of life that is centered from which to approach the your life from a position of confidence and support. Now is a good time to settle down for awhile or make a firm choice of where you will center your life around the values you hold closest to your core and know who and what you cherish.

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Develop faith like a mountain in your soul and you can not be moved from your place in the world by a passing a breeze. Even the mightiest wind will only scatter leaves and leave you to stand steadfast.

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There is active, overt power which seeks to control as many people as it can trap to do its bidding. But, there is also the collective power of people working together or the power of a person who is completed grounded in integrity. With that power miracles can be brought to life in the world.

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