Tarot #75: VII The Chariot; drive and will focused toward a goal.


Willing is not enough we must do


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This is about using all of your resources to push through a challenging situation. You might be fighting for your survival or trying to get through the final stages of a project you have been putting your heart and soul into.  You will need to give every ounce of your energy and draw on all your reserves.

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There is a destination you are resolved to reach. You must arrange your vehicle, tools, and supplies and plan your route. You should not leave anything to chance. Be thorough and judicious in your preparations.

You may be asked to take the lead on a project that will demand single-minded devotion and you will need to use all of your charisma and motivational skills to get the most out of your colleagues.

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This can represent devotion to duty, that which is not coerced or forced, but freely and honestly given.

In intellectual or spiritual matters it represents the focused search for truth or breaking through barriers to hidden knowledge by perseverance and intense study or training.

There is a job to do and you’re the one most capable of completing it, but you must own it and see it through no matter what obstacles you meet. Where the will leads the way opens. Drive on!

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