The Flight of the Bird Passing I: Poems of Fernando Pessoa

II “My glance is clear like a sunflower”


My glance is clear like a sunflower.

I usually take to the roads,

Looking to my right and to my left.

And now and then looking behind me . . .

And what I see each moment

Is something I’d never seen before,

And I’m good at noticing such things . . .

I know how to feel the same essential wonder

That an infant feels if, on being born,

He could note he’d been born . . .

I feel that I am being born each moment

into the eternal newness of the World . . .

I believe the World as in a daisy

Because I see it . But I don’t think about it

Because thinking about it is not understanding . . .

The World was not made for us to think about

(To think is to be eye-sick)

But for us to look at and be in tune with . . .

I have no philosophy, I have senses . . .

If I speak of Nature, it’s not because I know what

Nature is,

But because I love it, and that is why I love it,

For a lover never knows what he loves,

Why he loves or what love is . . .

Loving is eternal innocence,

And the only innocence is not to think . . .

By Alberto Caeiro*

heteronym of Fernando Pessoa 

Translated from Portuguese by Edwin Honig and Susan M. Brown

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