Tarot Journal #26: VIII Strength/VI The Lovers/The Hanged Man

Moving Boldly into a Collaborative Future


why abstain from happiness

When like a skilled lion

Your heart is nearing

And someday see

The divine prey is always near!


The Lovers

I must look for keys to bring together disparate pieces of my life which have drifted apart. It is time to make a cohesive whole of scattered and repelling elements of relationships, responses, and attitudes toward people and ideas. Look for ways to relax rigid reactions. Emphasize similarities and see differences as strengths when combined with other qualities.

The Hanged Man

I have an opportunity to put my undivided attention to something for the benefit of others or to gain wisdom in order to become more enlightened and connected to my path.

The day before father’s day, my youngest son mentioned that we should do something for my birthday, something we haven’t done for a while like go camping. Initially, I was hesitant because camping is such a huge undertaking and I would not be available for any extended activity like that until the middle of September. But then I thought how many more opportunities am I going to get to do something I love to do with my children, who are grown adults and have their own lives and distractions. So I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and in the end, my daughter and son and I have begun to put together a road trip to the redwoods in northern California. There have already been conflicts of scheduling to resolve, but we are all still involved in the process.

To make this all work, I will have to let go of the idea of controlling and allowing them and even encouraging them to be active in planning. Letting go of expectations and just working through the problems with just the idea of bonding with these two people I love and care about, but have been distanced from due to many circumstances, gives me motivation to work through the details with patience and open mind and heart so that the adventure is ours and not just mine.

This week I have been having a difficult time focussing on being present in my life, because of this distraction, but I am beginning to find my balance again between all the changes looming on my horizon and the very good life I am living here in the present. I have to live through all my moments to get wherever I am going and I know that it probably will be not exactly what I plan anyway. At this point I am feeling alright with that uncertainty.

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