Tarot Journal #27: 6 of Swords/6 of Disks (success)

A Good Map Will Guide My Steps Home

Timing and coincidence can influence the success or failure of an endeavor of any scale, but almost anything worth doing well needs passion, planning, and a whole lot of work to be realized. I am in the final outlining stages of my moving plan. I want to set it up so that I end up in a place I want to stay so I am taking care in making a good plan, adjusting the steps as new ideas and information appear. I have limited resources both financial and assistance so I am trying to work out the timing so I can put as much in place before I start the process so I can work on filling in the details as I go with eye to cost and clarity. If I can keep plans simple they might be less likely to go awry. I am trying to set it up so I can work smart and when I need help I can be clear about what I need and when I need it. An added side effect of planning is the reduction of anxiety which grows like blackberry vines in the summer when I think of all the complications involved in moving. I don’t know if all this will turn out as I plan it or maybe even better as I keep an eye out for all the possibilities available. I just know that not having a plan is madness. I may be a little unrealistic, but I am not into flying blind. So I will open my eyes and take a peek and make plans putting the pieces together where they best fit into a smooth transition to my new home.

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