Tarot Journal #47: Seven of Coins

Isolation, Assimilation, Integration

Thinking, existentially speaking, is a solitary but not a lonely business; solitude is that human situation in which I keep myself company. Loneliness comes about when I am alone without being able to split up into the two-in-one, without being able to keep myself company.

Hannah Arendt from The Life of the Mind

I only process thoughts well in solitude, but I need connections with people to experience life completely and build a community of support. Any growth that occurs in me must have space and confidence to expand to a point where it can be shared, that space only happens when I am alone and able to think through all my experiences without the restrictions of other people’s judgments and desires which are always distracting and tend to overwhelm my glacial processing.

Today I spent the day in my apartment reading, listening to music, and packing for moving. I am all processed out and ready to interact with people. luckily I will go to work tomorrow and be a little overwhelmed so I can come home and process some more.

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