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Tarot Journal #46: XIX The Sun

A Moment in The Sun I sat in my car lounging with my feet propped on the open driver’s side door in the Trader Joe’s parking lot and crunched sesame crackers and sipped tangerine juice. Watching the people on foot … Continue reading

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The Flight of the Bird Passing II: Poems of Fernando Pessoa

I’m a keeper of sheep I’m a keeper of sheep, The sheep are my thoughts And my thoughts are all sensations. I think with my eyes and ears And with my hands and feet An with my nose and mouth. … Continue reading

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April Poem #1

 Notes on a Sunday in April  Up late for church Wrote a poem Made dinner Walk at dusk: soft light fading into night swallows and bats  shadows swooping overhead

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Snowed In Monday

Take it slowly, no rush. The snow will wait. Work will wait, Now that I have called. Eventually I will rouse myself and face the task of clearing the lazy snow from behind my car tires and crawl toward a … Continue reading

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Tarot #74: Indolence, stagnation or contemplation, introspection or procrastination, recuperation or apathy

There are many kinds of idleness, many of them useful and necessary for making your way through life. There can also be actions that are blocked, currents that dammed or choked, and projects or engines that have stalled. There is … Continue reading

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